crazy enough, this is the last week of my time in uganda.
i can’t believe how fast time has gone by. and through it all, God was here walking with me. watching over me. providing me with everything i ever needed.
Glory to God.

sports day | last saturday was our annual sports day and we had a blast! thank you all for your prayers. we had about 500 people in our campus and we had a really good time watching the children running around. we even invited the parents to participate in some of the games and they had a really good time. We announced to the whole group that i would be leaving soon and several parents came up to me after the event to ask me about it. It was a long day but it was full of blessings. The day before, friday, we were all just preparing for the big day and after we had done all the prep, it started to pour down. I was beginning to think that with so much rain, we might not be able to carry on with the sports day but by the morning, the rain had stopped and not only had it stopped but it had left the ground wet enough that the dust clouds that usually form when we run around in our dirt field was no where to be seen. so the whole day, we didn’t have to worry about breathing in dust nor having dust in our food as we shared african style fried rice together. then after we had finished cleaning up after the event, it started to pour again. Praise God for watching over our every move!

church | sunday was my last time serving and attending service at the korean church. I had the privilege to lead praise and also to offer up a special song. I sang “부르신곳에서” because it’s the song that i sang when i was going through a difficult time. when i was lonely and when i missed my family and friends. and it was a huge blessing to be able to share this last sunday with my korean ugandan community. I pray that this church continues to be used by God and that it continues to shine his light in this dark and lonely world. Then after the service, two jibsanims who were serve as the praise team with me offered to buy us dinner. so we went and had a great time of fellowship before saying our goodbyes.

goodbyes | the goodbyes started on sunday at church and continued to last night when i had to say goodbye to the Jo family. they have been in Uganda for a long time and they are the head of the korean community here. they are loving, generous, sacrificial and welcoming. they have been the people who kept in touch with me and my aunt to see if we were all ok. they are the ones who offered me korean food from the church and also from their home. their daughter is the head of the young adults ministry and a close friend of mine. it was a great time of fellowship once again. the goodbyes are hard but it’s very interesting to know that i will see them again. in Uganda or in the states. the goodbyes are sad but it signals the hellos and welcome backs that ive been waiting for a long time. I will see you soon S&L!

flight | i will be leaving uganda Saturday the 13th at 4am from the Entebbe airport. transferring in Istanbul then heading home to Dulles and will land around 7:15pm on the 13th. I am so grateful for this experience and this journey that God took me on. He never left my side. He never let me go. Praise God. Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.

thank you all so much for keeping up with this missions blog.
i apologize for not posting enough pictures. but I hope we can meet in person to share the wonders and miracles God has shown to us in the past 8 months.

but he knows the way that I take; when he has tried me, I shall come out as gold” | Job 23:10



Happy tuesday!
officially 11 days left in uganda. what a ride it has been. but it’s not over just yet!

birthday | last thursday was my birthday! I was reminded of how much God loves me and cares for me. I am 23 now and throughout my life I see so many traces of grace and mercy and love that God has been pouring into my life. I only pray that this love overflows and reaches those around me that they may also experience the love of God that I have experienced all my life. I was able to celebrate my birthday with a lunch with some church people and I was so thankful for that. I had a hard time adjusting to Uganda because i didn’t have any friends but now i’m just thankful that i have people who would call me out to have lunch with me. Praise God.

church | there are only a few members of the singles ministry at church now. almost all of them have finished their duties in uganda and have returned home. it has been an awesome blessing to be part of this church here. it is very old school and small and it reminds me of the church i used to go to back in MD. But there is only one more sunday to spend here in Uganda and I’m so grateful that God has sent me to this church. I pray that this church would be like a city on a hill. giving light to those around it.

beatrice | some of you may know that in africa, it is expected that you have a maid in your house. even the really poor families hire maids to take care of their house/kids while the parent is out working. and Madam Beatrice is my maid. she has been working in my house and taking care of cleaning and laundry for the whole time i’ve been here. and it has been sucha blessing to have someone watching over me asking me if everything is ok and so on. but she lost her father yesterday. he was 84 and a believer. Praise God. she was hurting a lot but was at peace with it all. please pray for her and her family!

that’s it for this week.
i’ll be posting on this blog i think two more times and that’s it!
thank you so much for your support and your prayers!


Hello everyone.
i’m a week and a day late. sorry about that.
but there is only THREE weeks left here in Uganda… ridiculous how fast time went…

friends | since the S&L team has come and gone, i have grown even closer to many of the teachers and it’s been so much fun hanging out with them outside of work. we went to a basketball game that costs $1.5 dollars and went out to a university park to play soccer with strangers. and stopped on the road side to grab some dinner too. It has been great building a community with the teachers.

discipline | this has been my prayer request since i returned to Uganda in June. I am trying my best to read the Bible everyday and couple other things that i want to do daily to practice discipline before heading back to school in September. I am very excited to be back in school and to learn new things and make new friends but I am also nervous because as my record shows, I am not the best student. I become lazy too easily and Ive been trying to devote a lot of my time to reading and being grounded in the word this past month. Please pray for discipline!

school | My first semester at Gordon-Conwell starts on september 12th! It seems like a few days ago that I was applying to this school but in less than two months, I’ll be attending class at the South Hamilton campus! All Glory to God. He has been with me from the beginning and I am certain that he will see me through and that he will guide me and groom me to be the instrument that he wants me to be.

community | throughout my time in Uganda, I have met many different missionaries. Many from korea and several from different places of the world. But one of the things that concerns me is that when churches send missionaries to their respective fields, they do not send these missionaries with or to an establish, stable Christ-centered communities. Many of these missionaries come to Uganda to do what God has called them to do but almost all of them have a really hard time because day in and day out, they are pouring their hearts out to the people of Uganda but not many are pouring into the missionaries themselves. I firmly believe that just as we are called to live in community back home, we are called to live in community on the missions field. many missionaries in the field need someone to speak truth and wisdom into their lives. Many missionaries are lacking friends. They are spending their lives in a foreign land lonely. Let us pray for these missionaries. People can fall into deep sinful places when they are alone… Lets pray for community.

jethro | “Moses’ father-in-law said to him, ‘What you are doing is not good. You and the people with you will certainly wear yourselves out, for the thing is too heavy for you. You are not able to do it alone.'” – Exodus 18. this is similar to what i was saying in “community” but this is an amazing advice and wisdom that God gave me through my daily devotionals. I pray for any of you who feel like you are in this by yourself. Find wisdom in this verse and be humble to ask for help. to delegate your responsibility and lean on not your understand but the plan of our Lord who knows exactly what you need and what you can do. 

flight | my flight home is august 13th around 8pm but right now there is a miscommunication or some kind of problem where the airline is contacting me saying that they have cancelled my flight. so right now, i have no way of reaching brussels where i need to transfer to my connecting flight to Dulles. Please pray that this works itself out. I am waiting for a call from the airline as I type this blog post. I’m not worried but I would be great to work this problem out sooner than later.

that’s it for today. I am so grateful for a community back home that is praying for me. Thank you so much. see you soon!

Week 27.

Hello everyone.
i’m sorry for not updating you all for the past three weeks. there has been so much going on and I can finally sit down, process, and write to you all what has been going on.
please continue to pray for me and the school here in Uganda.

five | in five weeks time, I will be back in Virginia. It’s amazing that half of a year has gone by since i’ve come to Uganda. It has been a long, eventful and challenging road for me to walk but God has been guiding me this whole time so I am only grateful and excited to see where God will lead me after Uganda. I have not yet informed my teachers and staff about my departure. I think it would be very painful to leave behind these friends and co-workers who have been pouring their hearts out for this school. I pray that they would continue after God and that we would meet again soon enough.

S&L | it was great having 6 S&L members join me on a short term mission trip late June. I have been living here by myself among the natives and it was so refreshing to have friends under my roof to share stories and meals with. They held a 5 day vbs here at the school and taught every single student everyday for 5 days. I’m sure they were tired and challenged but they kept their heads high and worked hard until the end. the children loved having teachers from america come and teach them and play with them for a whole week. the students here study a lot and spend a lot of their time at school so i believe it was great time for them to relax a bit and just enjoy learning about the Bible in a different way. at the end of their time here in Uganda, we were able to head out to western Uganda to visit Queen Elizabeth National Park to see some game animals. We got to see many different animals and it was a great time to wind down and debrief about their week of vbs. I am so grateful that these individuals took out a chunk of their time to prep and join me here in Uganda. Through them, God opened doors to many teachers hearts that I have been knocking on for some time. Through them, I was able to break out of my title as a director and enjoy some real time with the teachers. Special shoutout to Pastor Daniel who endured sleeping with me in the same bed for two weeks. I am so blessed to have a sacrificial pastor who is willing to go thousands of miles to encourage and strengthen his sheep.

discipline | in the next five weeks, I am focusing on preparing myself for seminary as well as completing some long term goals that i have had since the beginning of my missions here in Uganda. but i can’t find myself motivated all the time so please pray that i would put aside watching movies or napping or whatever it is that will tempt me away from doing what i need to do. I want to read books and memorize more of the bible and be a good student ready to take on whatever seminary throws my way.

mercy | a student in P.4 named mercy and her two younger siblings lost their father last friday. He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time when a group of rebels raided his car and he was shot while trying to run away. it is really dangerous here if you are caught up in the wrong crowd at the wrong time. and the students lives are just changed forever by adults making mistakes or acting out of line. please pray for this student. they went to their hometowns to bury their father and will return to school on Wednesday or Thursday and i hope to pray together with them and use this time to share the gospel with them.

south sudan | if you have not heard, a few years back Sudan went through a civil war and the country split up into Sudan and South Sudan. and South Sudan is the northern border of Uganda and it is one of the poorest countries in the world right now. and last week, there was a shooting between the President’s men and the Vice President’s men and its heard that there were 150 casualties. please pray for this nation and the people who are affected by this unfortunate event. I’m not sure if it’ll affect Uganda in anyway but I know that some workers who used to work at Golden Berry is now working in South Sudan. Please pray for us and south sudan.

Thank you for keeping up with this missions blog.
it gives me so much strength to know that i have prayer supporters praying for me and the school here. Thank you so much.
i’ll try to update a bit more throughout my last five weeks here!

Week 24.

24 weeks already? I can’t believe that it has been almost 6 months since i’ve been in Uganda. Half of 2016 is gone and it really has been a blessing. thank you for keeping up with me. please continue to pray for me as I enter this last phase of my missions here in Uganda.

S&L | THE TEAM IS HERE SAFE AND SOUND. PRAISE GOD. Yesterday, after months and months of waiting, I was finally able to see beautiful faces of S&L walk out the arrival gate doors at Entebbe airport. I was filled with so much joy as i greeted my brothers and sisters. Please pray for them as they adjust to Uganda and start their ministry in the next few days. They will face challenges and they will face struggles but if God is with us who can be against and what shall we fear. I only pray that when those challenges and struggles come, they would go to Jesus on their knees.

edward | Tr. Edward is the Head teacher of the school. it is kind of equivalent to being a Principal in the states. He has been a blessing in my life here in Uganda. he is trustworthy, hard working, honest and diligent. These things are not easy to find in a person but God has been gracious to Golden Berry to give us a great man of God to lead these children. Please pray for him that he would continue to learn what it means to serve the large body of this school starting from the youngest child to the oldest worker/teacher.

that is it for today. it’s short post but right now my life is devoted to the STM team. Please pray for us!

Week 23.

sorry for the late post!
it’s been quite busy here the past week. here are some highlights:

school | we are officially open for the second term of the year and it has been wonderful to see the teachers and students getting back in the rhythm of things here. we had our first event of the year last friday. it was Mr. Hero day so all the boys of the school dressed up and danced and showed off their looks to be picked as the Mr. Hero of Golden Berry. a 6th grader named Mark is Mr. Hero for the next year!

jetlag | since arriving in Uganda on the 1st of June. I have had two good nights of sleep. besides those two nights, i’ve woken up in the middle of the night and have had so much trouble going back to sleep. I’ve been very tired and exhausted trying to fight myself to sleep but I think i’m finally getting over it. Praise God for sleep. I will never take sleeping for granted again.

kids | I have been blessed by four teacher’s children named Emma, Joy, Elisha and Daniella. they are so cheerful and loving to me even though i dont really do much for them. all i ever do is give them candy and they really have been loving me. maybe it’s the candy. but I’m really grateful for these four children who keep me company when i’m bored. God, raise them up to be your servant here in Uganda. use them for your Kingdom.

S&L | since January 5th, I have been waiting for a group of servants from S&L who willingly gave up a part of their summer to come and serve with me here in Uganda. and in about 7.5 days they will be boarding a plane to come and join me finally. it is so exciting and at the same time nerve-wracking because this house of mine will be filled with joyful and amazing people but that only means that 6 more people will be under my roof and under my supervision. God give me the strength and wisdom to be your light to them. to bless them as they come here to bless me and this school.

praise | when i am in need of anything, a lot of times i turn to grab my guitar and start singing praises to my God. and it really has been keeping me going this week. I’m so grateful that God has given me this talent. I will not stop until i can double the talents he gave me so that when he returns to collect it I will give him glory.

that’s it for today.
I’m really excited for the S&L Uganda team to join me.
lets run this race together.

Week 22.

today is the beginning of the second term of the year!
Please keep this school in your prayers!
here are some more specific prayer requests…

new | i hired a new teacher last week because i had to fire a teacher at the end of last term. he seems fit for the job and we are glad to have him with us but he will take some time to get adjusted to the new school and his students. please pray for him and also that we, as a school, would be warm and welcoming to this new teacher.

forgotten | as i settle in, i have realized that i have forgotten so many things back home. in the states, whenever i forget something at home and i’m far away, i could just order a new whatever from amazon and have it within a day or two. but that just isn’t gonna happen here in uganda. for future reference, lets double check and triple check when packing for missions. but at the same time, i am reminded once again of how i’m blessed to be expecting a short term mission team in a few weeks! i hope they will bring some of the things i have forgotten back home.

church | i attended the korean church after four weeks and they received me with warm greetings. many asked how my aunt is doing and it was a blessing to worship with them again. the young adults ministry seems like it’s dwindling but i pray God will send us new members and old members so that we could meet and worship him together again.

jetlag | i am having a tough time adjusting to the time difference and the environment here in uganda again. as i write this blogpost, i am fighting to stay awake in the middle of the day because my body clock keeps me awake from 2am-6am. i usually lay in the dark trying to go back to sleep and praying about various things. i just pray that i would adjust quickly to the new surroundings so that i could be fully awake and attentive to my work here.

responsibility | as the director of GBS, there are plenty of responsibilities on my shoulders. please pray that i would do all that i could to fulfill these responsibilities and support this school as best as i can. it is strange to think that i will be leaving before this term is over. but i pray that that would not be my excuse to do my work half heartedly. but rather that i would use my limited time here to bless those around me by living out the gospel in my life.

thank you for keeping me in your prayers. I’m excited to see what God has in store for me in the coming months.

Week 21.

I’m back!
last blog post was dated May 3rd so it’s been exactly one month. I’ve gone all the way around the globe since then and have learned much and am excited to be back here Uganda until August. so here are some highlights!

korea | last time i was in korea was 2003 around november. so after 13 years, I returned to my motherland to visit my grandpa and my cousins. It was an awesome time to relax and eat delicious food and catch up with my family. i realized how important family is and how much my parents have sacrificed for me. i hope to return soon.

home | it was great to see my family all back together and we enjoyed some great times with each other. we shared awesome meals and enjoyed great laughs and i finally got to take small steps in trying to repay my parents for what they have sacrificed for this family. we are all called to community and i’m starting to see what it means to live out the gospel in our immediate families as well as extended.

S&L | those who have been away from S&L for a time know how much one could miss S&L and how awesome it is to be back with a community striving to live for Jesus together. I am beyond grateful for the love and support this community is showing me even though i am an inadequate missionary here in Uganda. It was awesome to catch up with my pastor and see the things that God is doing at S&L. I could see that people have grown spiritually since i have been gone. what a blessing!

STM | the short term missions team to Uganda has been training and meeting together for some time. I had the privilege and to meet with them and share with them what I’ve been doing here in Uganda. I have been waiting for this team to join me since January! and they are finally coming in 2.5 weeks! i’m sooooooo excited to host them. I just pray that i would be a good host to these awesome people who are taking time out of their summers to come and bless Golden Berry in june. Father, be with them as they prepare and unite them under your name that they would love one another and serve one another and ultimately bring glory to you.

adjusting | please keep me in your prayers while i adjust back to life here in Uganda. the first day back was rough because we were having tons of meetings to go over what we need to do before school starts on monday. we still have work to do before monday so we are working tomorrow on a saturday. i do wake up in the middle of the night and stay awake for sometime. i spent a lot of time with my friends and family back home. I did not have a lot of alone down time so now that i am completely alone, it’s hard to adjust to this life once again. I pray i wont feel as bad as i did in january. thank you for your prayers!

I will pray for you! send any prayer requests to
thank you everyone.

davy out.

Week 17.

hello everyone.
thank you so much for keeping up with this blog. it does really make a difference to me that i have a community back home praying for me and joining me in this journey that God has set me on.

holiday | on thursday, Golden Berry will official be going on a month long break. this is the end of the first term! When i first got here in January, I was having a hard time adjusting and I thought it would take forever for this term to go by. But now, it is coming to a close and I have only words of praise to the one who has led me to this point. I thank God for giving me wisdom, determination and the will to continue forward when things went wrong. There has been so many different issues that sprung up out of nowhere this term but God has always given me wisdom and courage to follow him. PTL!

culture | every morning, at 10am, i have breakfast with the office staff and we always have some really cool and interesting conversations. through these conversations, i’ve been able to learn a lot about the Ugandan culture. It is really difficult to see Uganda’s culture living in the capitol city because everyone in Kampala are trying to follow the western culture. but through my staff i am learning the true ugandan culture before it got mixed up with the western culture. The most amazing thing i have found is that, while in the states we associate sin directly with the sinner and unfortunately start to hate the sinner more than the sin, here no matter what kind of crime or sin someone commits, people credit the sin to Satan. “Hate the sin not the sinner.” I have found it encouraging to hear comments like “it’s because he had a bad spirit on him” or “it’s Satan’s work!”. Though i see that the gov’t officials, police and most businessmen are corrupt in Uganda, I also see that many ugandans see that this corruption is the work of Satan and not work of bad people. I’m not exactly sure what to take from this or if i even understand it fully but that’s just what i’ve been thinking.

teachers | please pray for the teachers and other workers at the school. I see that some of the new staff members are still trying to adjust to their new positions and the leadership is trying to find their fit in the school system. It’s going to take some time but I think it’ll be good for them and for the school. Please continue to pray for them.

that’s it for today.
See you next week!

Week 16.

Hello my lovely prayer warriors.
it has now been four months since I’ve embarked on this journey to Uganda. It has been challenging, demanding, stretching, and difficult but it has also been rewarding, gratifying and humbling. here are some highlights!

7 | not counting today, there are 7 days left until the school closes for a month long break. Uganda works on a tri-semester school year so we’ll be out until june 6th and start our Term II. I thank God for watching over this school as it continues to strive after his glory. He has helped our school run smoothly without any huge accidents or incidents. There were teachers who have come and gone. there are workers who have come and gone and there were struggles and challenges for both teacher and students but through God’s grace we were able to make it all the way here. I trust that God will continue to protect us and lead us until the end of the term and throughout the holidays too. PTL

soccer | soccer is my passion. I really do think God works through me when i play soccer with people on missions. I love to kick around with friends back home but playing soccer in the missions field really has a different taste. it has helped me to really connect with my teachers here in the school and also with the youth at the korean church. and on top of that it has helped me to keep in shape. and when i’m spending time alone after school closes for the day, one of the things that keeps me sane is watching Manchester United with my precious internet. this isn’t really an important thing to share with you all but i just wanted to share that. go #manutd!

burden | heard an encouraging sermon this past sunday. it reminded me to keep walking with Jesus because at the end of the day, when we feel tired of walking with all the burden on us, when we look to our side, we will only realize that it was Jesus who had been carrying our burdens. for us, we’re just here to enjoy the ride. So when hardships come your way, when you face difficult challenges, just look to your side and know that all the burden you feel you will have to carry is being carried by Jesus. He is always there for us from the beginning til the end. until we can rest in his arms forever.

hooray | I have posted multiple times that Golden Berry has been trying to receive a Center Number. this number allows this school to sit our 7th graders in our building to take the PLE(primary leaving exam) before they head off to a secondary school. so that has been one of my biggest missions since i’ve set foot in Uganda and I am so thankful to tell you that yesterday, we received our Center Number! Praise be to God. I was so nervous as I was standing in line at the Ministry of Education to receive the letter which says whether or not we received the number. I was praying the whole time and when i finally opened it and read the words “you have been granted the Center Number”, the head teacher and I shouted in joy shaking each other hands thanking God. and the rest of the school was really grateful and happy when they heard the good news as well. Thank you for praying. thank you for being on this journey with me. Praise God.

That is it for today.
this thursday is the NFL Draft. I hope Myles Jack falls to the Falcons. if not, i wouldn’t mind drafting Darron Lee or trading back in the first round to cop Hunter Henry.
#gofalcons #RISEUP
until next time!